•   ZX tianjin tanggu industrial co.,ltd is a company that specializes in producing stainless steel flexible metal hose. With the objectives of achieveing quality, creditability, technological improvement and innovation, our company has always focused on the development of high standard of technology to attain international standards. To achieve this we have imported manufacturing equipment so as to strengthen our quality ....

    ZX-F110 flange connections with stainless steel in contact with fluid
    The type of flanges connectors easiest to install.
    ZX-F115 portion in contact with fluid is stainless steel. High corrosion resistance high durability. 
    Widely applicable for absorbing vibration and movement.
    ZX-F122 F124 F128 applicable for various range of pressure and temperature.
    ZX-F130 the section in contact with fluid is made of stainless steel which is excellent in corrosion resistance and can be fitted easily in pumps and other fire equipment.
    ZX-S210 the corrosion, pressure resistant seal structure which can be easily installed.
    ZX-S215 metal to metal sealing. High corrosion presistance and high flexibility.
    ZX-S225 metal to metal sealing. Applicable for various range of pressure and temperature.
    ZX-S255 no welding rubber seal structure which is most suitable in installation of water heater and sanitary equipment of of various kinds.
    ZX-C320 welding method is used at both ends.
    ZX-VG VN VP  the thin walled righ type flexible hose is extremely soft and flexible and is most suitable for the vacuum pipe system.
    ZX stainless steel wire braiding, flexible metal hose, braided metal hose


    We imported advanced piping machines, net-making machine,helium leakage detector, and other NC equipments.

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