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       ZX tianjin tanggu industrial co.,ltd is a company that   specializes in producing stainless steel flexible metal hose. With the objectives of achieveing quality, creditability, technological improvement and innovation, our company has always focused on the development of high standard of technology to attain international standards. To achieve this we have imported manufacturing equipment so as to strengthen our quality and cost control in each sector of our production line while at the same time continue in research and the development of new product to suit the need of the market.


       -Wide temperature adaptation : Ranging from -196℃ to +350℃
      -Good anti-corrosion: Against soda, salt, organic materials and almost all acids
      -Superb durability: No degeneration or deterioration after long usage
      -High endurance of pressure: 10mm diameter flexible hose able to sustain pressure of 20Mpa, 300mmdiameter flexible hose able to sustain pressure of 1Mpa
      -Prolonged life span: 3000 times fatigue lifespan can be reached under pressure of 1Mpa and within the specific dynamic bending curve radius; the fatigue life span will extend as the dynamic bending curve radius increases
      -Good flexibilities: Able to sustain from a big range of movements to small range but high frequency vibration, different environment from irregular sinking foundation to contract and expand due to change in temperatures
      Therefore, our stainless steel flexible hose is widely used in different fields of industries from petrochemicals, metallurgical, shipbuilding, construction, paper, food, electronics to aeronautical.



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